Parme Trans: reliable and superior international haulier

Welcome to a virtual representation of Parme Trans - one of the leading transport and freight forwarding companies in Estonia.

Parme Trans is a member of the Association of Estonian International Road Carriers (ERAA) and Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

With the assistance of reliable partners Parme Trans arranges and performs carriages of goods by means of road transport within the following regions:

  • EU countries*
  • Scandinaviaparme
  • Baltic States
  • Ukraine
  • Russia
  • Belarus

* For performing haulage services within EU countries Parme Trans does no longer need CEMT permissions. As from May 1st Parme Trans is allowed to perform cabotage carriages in EU countries.

Everything is under control

The fleet of Parme Trans is equipped with Track&Trace system, which allows to monitor the fleet in Online basis and therefore significantly simplifies the process of coordination of all units of Parme Trans. Moreover all units of Parme Trans are equipped with electronic devises, which allow to pay for road tolls electronically without loosing time for cash and credit card payments.


On entrusting delivery of your goods to Parme Trans, you entrust them to a transport company which possesses an ISO 9001-2008 Certificate issued by LRQA – Lloyds Register Quality Assurance.
Also Parme Trans is the only transport company in Estonia with an accreditation in the Home Office of the United Kingdom


Parme Trans is one of the few companies able to perform carriages based on “door-to-door” principle without any need for outsourcing any part of the delivery of the goods.It saves your money and sufficiently shortens the transit-time.

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