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 Parme Trans : 7 arguments in favour of the proper choice

We thank You for Your interest in Parme Trans. We would like to draw your attention to 7 main key points, which will definitely support your choice in favour of Parme Trans. In case there are any questions, you are welcome to ask our consultants and get the required information.

Parme Trans certificates.


Parme Trans - is one of the few transport companies in Estonia which has obtained that kind of certificate. It is definitely a confirmation of the high quality of the provided services as well as the irreproachable management.

  1. Good experience in international haulage of goods.

    Parme Trans has obtained a serious and long-lasting experience in the sphere of international haulage of goods by road. The company has all the necessary licenses and permits to perform international haulage of goods by means of heavy vehicle. Before Estonia has entered the European Union, we had performed carriages between countries of EU using CEMT permissions. Since the moment, when Estonia entered the EU, there is no longer any necessity for CEMT permissions in case of internal EU transportations. Beginning from May 1st, 2010 we are performing also cabotage carriages within EU countries.

  2. Considerable experience in express-deliveries, 24h-delivery incl.

    Parme Trans has a serious and long-lasting experience in so called “express-deliveries”. We know it very well what it means to deliver goods within 24 hours. When you happen to have such a need, highly skilled coordination department and drivers of Parme Trans will make it possible using excellently equipped vehicles.

  3. Track & Trace System.

    All units in our company are equipped with a unique track&trace system that allows to keep up with and coordinate the movements of the transport most easily and precisely. At any time You are able to track the location of your goods in online basis.

  4. Self-sufficiency and flexibility.

    Parme Trans is a company remarkable for high flexibility in solving problems which may arise during the carriage. Owing a long experience we have worked out a system, which allows any problem to be reduced to a minimum. If it is impossible to avoid a problem, we do our best to solve it without any delay.

  5. Direct contract with Daimler AG.

    is the only transport company in Estonia that has concluded a direct agreement with Daimler AG (Germany), which allows us to service and repair our units all over the EU much faster and more efficient. It also significantly saves precious time. A similar agreement has also been concluded with a Mercedes Benz company branch in Estonia.

  6. System of electronic payment of the road tolls.

    All our units are equipped with electronic tags, which allow to a great extent to save time driving on the paid motorways (incl. tunnels like Mont-Blanc, Frejus). A charge is paid automatically without any stop or time-break.

  7. Open customs warehouse in Pechory.

    If you are interested in a carriage of goods between Russia and EU countries, Parme Trans is able to offer a door-to-door delivery from Western European countries to Russia. Parme Trans has all needed tools to organize and fulfill this type of delivery.