Parme Trans employs only highly qualified specialists with many years of experience in the transport sector. They are trained not only to quickly solve the emerging problems, but also to prevent them. The whole staff works as a single organism of a specially established system allowing to support the work of drivers in all stages.

Administration consists of two main departments:

  • Traffic Department – coordinates traffic with an “online” system and ensures timely delivery of the goods to the destination. The division is responsible for high-quality problem solving during transportation of goods.
  • Technical Department – maintains the working order of technical company resources and is responsible for maintenance and repair of machinery.

Our employees regularly participate at DaimlerAG trainings. Both divisions interact well with each other and work 24/7. This allows solve any organizational issues quickly and smoothly, eliminate any problems and support operations of the company at a professional level.


Parme Trans employs more than 160 persons. Before commencing their duties, the drivers receive training under a special program and participate in planned activities to improve the level of their qualification. Absolutely every single one of our drivers holds the licenses and certificates required for transporting dangerous cargo.

Parme Trans has ensured:

  • That the working and rest time of cargo drivers is organized strictly under the law;
  • That changing of drivers is organized in a timely manner, promptly and safely regardless of the location of the staff and without breaking the deadlines;
  • That the employees regularly undergo advanced training courses and medical examination;
  • That the drivers hold all insurances necessary for normal and safe working;
  • To uphold high-level corporate culture: organization of New Year’s and Christmas holidays, summer sports days and other similar events;
  • Necessary medical treatment of employees covered by the employer.
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