Trucks Stock

Our fleet is complete with the most advanced trucks stock, the maximum service life of which does not exceed five years. All our trucks are in full compliance with Euro 5/Euro 6 emission standards. The vehicles fleet is constantly kept up-to-date, which confirms our guarantees of quality and reliability for our partners.

All our vehicles are fitted with the necessary equipment and prepared for the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR).

The modern trucks stock provides Parme Trans with more advantages – speed, reliability, safety, as well as presentability and required permits to enter zones closed for trucks.

 Each truck is equipped with everything needed for the driver’s comfort: a conditioner, autonomous heater, media station, etc. This creates the best working and living conditions for the driver and significantly increases the quality of services.

Due to telematics systems installed on each truck, we are able to monitor the truck and cargo location with a high precision and provide our clients with the relevant current information in real-time mode.

Modern navigation systems offer a broad range of additional opportunities:
  • Complete control of the cargo and vehicle state.
  • Prompt on-line support for the driver, instantaneous message and information exchange.
  • Expert work coordination.
  • Disciplining of drivers.

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