Social responsibility

The business policy of Parme Trans is aimed at protecting the environment and fully meets the expectations, requirements and needs of customers who are provided with international cargo transportation services. This position best demonstrates the high status of the company as a reliable and long-term partner.

We have been organizing and implementing special economical driving trainings as part of the specialized program for young drivers since 2009. This enables us to economize on fuel consumption and reduce the amount of harmful emissions.

The ISO 14001 certificate means that the operations of the transport agent Parme Trans are guided by the given environmental protection. This makes the company competitive and provides it with a high level of trust from the government, partners and customers. As a result, it creates preconditions for economic welfare of the company in the short and long term.

Cooperation with Parme Trans if comfortable and safe!
Company employees are promptly informed about any new quality system requirements and follow the requirements in their everyday work.
All employees undergo training according to their specialty and attend routine activities to maintain or improve the level of their professionalism.
The freight forwarder of the company carefully monitors each stage of cargo transportation and prevents any possible problems 24/7.  As practice shows – such high working hours root out any problems and helps to provide genuinely professional cargo transportation service.
Transport means of the Parme Trans company are regularly serviced by engineers and mechanics to fully comply with the most strict environmental protection requirements. Any malfunctions are prevented and compliance with changes in legislation is ensured with regular scheduled inspection of road trains is conducted to prevent any malfunctions or ensure compliance with any amendments in the legislation.
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