Parme Trans offers a wide range of cargo transportation services. Our 20-year experience in international cargo transportation enables us to offer customer solutions and services which help speed up delivery and optimize logistics costs.

We employ a responsible approach to cargo transportation in every country, so we prepare the required documents and licenses in advance.

All our vehicles are equipped with special means for carrying dangerous cargoes (ADR). All drivers have undergone training in ADR cargo carriage rules and have the required permits. We also offer express delivery to our customers, using a team of two drivers. If necessary, we can use the customer’s trailer, walking-floor trailer, or trailer units.

Our company has significant experience in operating in Scandinavian countries, where special methods of cargo transportation are often required due to geographic location. If it is necessary for you to deliver cargo to countries with harsh climatic conditions, our company is ready to  offer transportation using trailers with special tires and additional equipment.

The range of our services is wide, so below you will find our basic services:

Depot to depot cargo transportation

Door to door cargo transportation

Loading/unloading on wheels cargo transportation

Express cargo transportation (within 24 hours, 48 hours or 72 hours depending on distance)

Cabotage cargo transportation within the EU countries

Cargo transportation from EU countries to third countries using CEMT permits

Cargo transportation using Carnet TIR

If necessary, we are ready to develop and implement a customized cargo delivery system taking into account all the customer’s conditions.

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